Cooking Classes at Herb ‘n Table

This is some of the most fun you can have with a caterer-chef! It’s like having your own personal culinary school right in your own home…

Herb ‘n Table will supply recipes, specialized tools or gadgets and all the ingredients.

The classes can be personalized to accommodate your tastes, dietary needs, number of people in your party and budget.

Sample Classes:

From market to table: following the seasons Want to eat local, organic, and seasonal foods? Check out what's good at the Farmers Market. And know what to make with it.

Sunday morning: healthy happy meals to start the day Sunny omelets, healthy fruit salads, and, of course, scones.

Date Night: impressive, easy dinner for two No need to stress to impress that special someone? Simple menus can be delicious, beautiful, and romantic enough to enjoy by the fireplace--or on the patio--while everybody else waits in line outside restaurants for dinner.

What do YOU want to learn? Just ask and we’ll put that class together for you!