About Herb ‘n Table

Rachelle Matheson, chef-owner of Herb ‘n Table, has been cooking for as long as she can remember, poring over recipes and cookbooks and learning basic kitchen skills as a child. With a working, single mom supporting the family, Rachelle was cooking dinner for her family by the time she was 10 years old. In a home with limited resources, she learned it was not what you had in the house to eat but what you could create with it and the power food had to bring comfort, enjoyment and even a little excitement to the whole family.

Her mother taught her many cooking skills, but Rachelle’s culinary muse was her grandmother, who was fearless in the kitchen crafting amazing dishes out of the most ordinary foods. This inventiveness encouraged Rachelle to create her own original meals and recipes as she grew older.

Now as a caterer, she researches the latest trends in food and creating new recipes for both friends and clients alike. Because presentation is just as important as the flavor of her foods, fresh and colorful ingredients are a must. Rachelle believes providing the best quality locally produced foods combined with impeccable service is always the key to a successful meal.